I created Energy Analysis and Commentary to share information on energy policies and practices that strengthen communities. The website strives to be a resource for individuals, businesses, and governments desiring energy systems that create opportunities for local, independent energy producers, operate at the highest possible efficiency and the least environmental impact, and provide energy security and cost-stability for the long term.

Many analysts contend that we are entering into an energy crisis, and from a global perspective they are probably correct. But at the community level the potential for new, decentralized energy systems goes beyond shielding residents from skyrocketing costs and dwindling supplies. Using community-based energy empowers local residents to regain control of their economic future, lessen their environmental impact, and limit their role in the global competition for fossil fuels.

The Greek roots of the word “democracy” are demos, or “people” and kratos, or “power”. I believe that the best way to ensure that power is vested in the people is to ensure that they literally have control over their power. Exercising your right to decide where your energy comes from and where it goes is a fundamental act of democracy, and an essential step in the struggle to create a more just and equitable society.

Thank you for visiting Energy Analysis and Commentary, and I hope you enjoy the site!