To view my weekly news video, follow this link.



New Video News Program at Local Energy News

I've got a new weekly video series that I'm working on with Digital Visions Video. The details about the stories in this week's video are posted at Local Energy News.


Santa Fe's Energy Solution: A Biomass Future

Here's the first five minutes of a documentary video on Local Energy's 3-year study showiong how to heat all of downtown Santa Fe with biomass from local sources such as forest thinnings and commercial waste. The $1.8 million study included a fully optimized  engineering design, investment-grade cost analysis, emissions estimate, and an economic analysis showing nearly $9 billion in benefits to the local community over the project's 50-year lifetime. The full report from Local Energy is available from their home page, and you can read about all of Local Energy's programs by clicking here.


Understanding Peak Oil

This is an excerpt of a talk I gave at Quivira Coaltion's Annual Conference in 2004. It's only 9-1/2 minutes long, so it's a quick way to get familiar with the concepts of resource quality degradation and peak oil.


Educational Videos Coming Soon

I am working on a couple of short educational videos, which I will post here.  This is my first attempt at video production, and the animation at the beginning is courtesy of Matt Schulze at Digital Visions Video. The music was written and produced for Local Energy by guitarist and friend Larry Mitchell.