Microgrids Paper Published by APEC

The paper I presented at the APEC Conference last October in Vladivostok, Russia has been published in the conference proceedings, and is now available online. The paper is about microgrids, which are electric power systems that have been decentralized to the point that they can stand alone from the larger power grid. You can download just my paper by clicking here, or download the entire proceedings by visiting this page.

I was proud to see my paper presented first in the proceedings. It makes sense, I think, because I gave a broad overview of microgrids as well as a strategy for helping them evolve. My thinking was that although it's important to understand the details of things like advanced microgrid control, we have not focused enough effort on laying a foundation on which the modernization of electric power can develop. In other words, it's nice to muse about what is possible and marvel about the wonders of dynamically islanding microgrids, but why the hell aren't they happening? How can we foster the evolution of the power industry, which seems stuck in the 1960's?

I hope you enjoy my paper! Photos of the conference are posted here.


Tritium Detected in Santa Fe Wells

Is Santa Fe's drinking water safe?

More than half of our water in Santa Fe comes from the Rio Grande, and it's drawn downstream from Los Alamos Canyon regularly dumps toxic stormwater into the river. The rest comes from a wellfield that recently tested positive for radioactive tritium.

Watch the lecture, and decide for yourself!